Santa’s Cuisine: Your guide to the best food this festive season..!!!

Santa’s Cuisine: Your guide to the best food this festive season..!!!

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Food and festival are the metaphoric siblings of Cakes and Christmas and all things sweet and savoury that one can treat oneself this season…. We have compiled a list of all the best delicacies that you can gorge upon this Christmastide, refer dictionary… 🙂


Surely this one tops the list, being one of the hot picks every season, thanks to the fact that it is an excellent sponge to all the wine in your belly…!!

Uniced plum cake cross-700x700


Pies, big or small, sweet or savoury, tickle everyone’s taste buds and with some amazing cheese filled in the centre… It is surely heaven on a plate…!!!

mince pie


This gooey chocolate dessert makes you go weak in the knees… One mouthful and you are done for life…!!

4.Red Velvet Cake

This one celebrates the true essence of Christmas with its lush Red Colour in all its Glory… One bite and that velvety softness lasts forever…!!


Turkey or Chicken…?? Who cares as long as it is fresh out of the oven and smells of those amazing spices and herbs… It is one dish that the entire family can enjoy without having to worry about their portions…!!

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