Food Revolution: All things Veg!

Food Revolution: All things Veg!

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Veggie World- Serving Delight in Every Bite!!

Go Savage or Go Veg? It’s all about Going Green and the city has cropped up with some absolute havens of good old vegetarian food- The essence of Indian cuisine.

Dining out was never so much fun, what with the countless choices of pure vegetarian food you get at just one destination. Hotel Palm Tree at Aligarh is revelling in the glory of the launch of its new restaurant that boasts of all things vegetarian. #shudh#shakahari..!!

VEGGIE WORLD, as it is aptly named is simply a delight to all the basic human senses. Aesthetically pleasing, emanating with the aroma of savoury dishes, and food that absolutely works wonders in the mouth packed with bursts of flavour, this restaurant offers yummy delights to relish. People out there, looking for a restro to dine in with nothing but bundles of tastes that do not cost you bundles of money, look no further. Veggie World is the answer to all your foodie dreams.

The restaurant, multi-cuisine as it is, not just offers traditional Thalis and Indian vegetarian dishes, but this world class facility also has its foray into South Indian delicacies, American Fast Food, Chinese cookery and authentic Italian cuisine, Not to leave out on the basics, the restaurant comes fully equipped with a Bakery that produces cookies to cakes, soup sticks to breads. The doughnuts that I have tasted here are undoubtedly one of the best (also, the fact that I can eat a dozen without burning a hole in my pocket, makes it all the more inviting)…!!!!

Veggie World

The restaurant has been launched at a time when the city is high on Sweet consumption, what with Diwali and then the wedding season, followed by Christmas and New Year. We Indians have a soft spot for our Laddoos and Gujias and what is better if we get all this at the very place we have just had our Lunch… Burp!! Can’t eat no more!

Is there an end to this list? Honestly, there is nothing that I can think of which I cannot get here at Veggie World. The menu is extensive; I mean literally it’s almost a 10 page affair and the amazing pocket friendly rates have to be seen to be believed!

Words won’t do justice to the incredible eatery that Veggie World is, so I suggest you take a look at these snaps and get a sneak peek of this restaurant located in the heart of Aligarh City.

Veggie World-2

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