Dreams of a Hotel…

Dreams of a Hotel…

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Dreams of a Hotel…

Growing up, we dream of beautiful rooms and lavish restaurants or a grand party to attend. As adults a chance to fulfil these dreams lifts up our spirits. But more often than not, the huge surprise turns into a shock with the likes of the Jab We Met fame “Hotel decent” turning out to be some major seedy guest house and Hotels claiming to be “Clean and Rich” turn out to be infested with cockroaches and mosquitoes.

Watching TLC makes you wonder if you would ever set foot into such hotels and restaurants or if they really do exist. But with such hotels and their Price Tags, this Amusement turns into Disgust. Every city has a mix of hotels and restaurants, it is upto you to choose the one which is really what it poses to be. Experimenting is fun, you need to check out a place to see if it is worth it but sometimes, to be on the safer side, it is better to let someone else experiment it for you…!!

Aligarh has fortunately been one of those cities where experimenting is safe and you can’t really hide the flaws. In a city with barely even 5 ‘good’ hotels, life is very easy and life-decisions like choosing a Hotel is hardly a matter of seconds, because the best Hotels are on your fingertips and there are tons of people to testify for the best.

The Dreams here are slowly being fulfilled thanks to some excellent, complete and affordable hotels opening up in recent times. But there is hardly any competition and the city in complete harmony chooses the best in the budget…!!Palm Tree3


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