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In the busy lifestyles that we have today, thanks to the insatiable desire for money and success, the biggest dilemma we face today while planning a fun night off is: To go to a Restaurant or To Order for Home Delivery?

With only one night in the entire week to spare, we are often torn up on whether we should spend precious hours dining out in some fancy restaurant or Ordering in the food and spending some private time with the dear ones.

Well ‘FUN’ as we know it holds different meanings for different people. To some the best way to unwind is to Go out and dance off their stress, to quite a few of us it might also be equivalent to a plate of delicious food and to some it is simply relaxing at home. But have you ever experienced the sudden rejuvenation and excitement the moment you set foot in a restaurant? The wafting smell of excellently cooked rich meals and the all too familiar humming of conversations at the tables. The feeling almost instantly lifts up your spirits and helps you forget all the anxiety of the hectic life.

Restaurants are a superb example of social gatherings where no one intrudes your privacy, yet you are not alone. What if all this is complimented with some soft music? Imaginably, the relaxation process would be all the more better.

Now on the other hand, the tempting idea of a good rest at home, eating restaurant cooked food on the couch in front of the TV. Amazing as it sounds, it might be a momentary solution. Once you are all energized, its too late to go out and have fun and you are left bored at home.

All you hardworking people out there you deserve to Go Out and Have fun and if I may suggest- DINE OUT MORE THAN YOU ORDER IN. You will get more Kick out of it…!!


Dine In = BORING


Dine Out = FUN

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